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The Niagara Region is home to approximately 100 wineries. With our world famous Icewine, no visit to Niagara would be complete without a stop to sample some of Niagara’s goodness.
We’ll introduce you to the wines and the wineries of Niagara (not all of them, just a sample) With a focus on the wineries and sub appellations of  west Niagara, we will introduce you to the diverse growing regions found there. Our range of  tours allow you to explore all six of the sub appellations of what we like to call, the Undiscovered Wine Country.

Producing wines similar in style to the great viticultural regions of the World, Niagara is producing world class wines. With our help and guidance, you’ll discover the wineries, perhaps meet the growers, the wine makers, the owners. You’ll learn about how wine is produced and why Icewine is so expensive. Your guide will help you to discover the hidden gems that are Niagara’s Grape and Wine industry.

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So please, we invite you to  Discover Differently